Testing & Refactoring Workshop

Testing & Refactoring Workshop

This workshop offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to Refactoring, Evolutionary Design, Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Automated Testing.

Over the past decade, practices like TDD and Refactoring have helped many teams significantly improve development speed, code quality and responsiveness to changing requirements.

This workshop explores the foundations of TDD, Microtesting and Automated Refactoring with the help of various patterns, strategies, tools and techniques. Students will learn essential test-first approaches via interactive discussions, multimedia content, hands-on exercises and quizzes.

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"The online courses on TDD & Microtesting and on-site consulting from IL have been invaluable. Real-world examples with multimedia and a very knowledgeable trainer gave us confidence to completely shift our paradigm. We adopted most of the principles and have seen enormous benefit."William Stewart, Software Engineer, GE
  • "Rarely have I met trainers who are truly hands-on. The depth of knowledge and onfield experience of Industrial Logic's instructors is truly inspiring. Their proficiency in agile techniques and TDD is bleeding edge. We have benefitted immensely in barely three days of TDD training with them. We wish they were on our team here in EMC."Vimal Kumar, Principal Software Engineer, EMC
    "This workshop was an excellent distillation of processes and methodologies. It provided a great starting point for integrating test-driven development and refactoring into our environment."Chris Hut, Ofoto, A Kodak Company
    "This is probably the best technical workshop I've ever attended. It was clear and concise, highly relevant and highly interactive. I really enjoyed it."Lesley Chiu, MDS Sciex

Workshop Editions

We teach this best-selling workshop onsite in 2-day, 3-day and 4-day editions. Here is a typical agenda:
  • Managing Technical Debt
  • Understanding Code Smells
  • Refactoring
  • Microtesting
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Faking and Mocking
  • Legacy Code
Our online version of this workshop includes online discussions with an expert instructor and exceptional eLearning exercises. It takes place over 8, 90-minute sessions online, with homework in between each session. We can schedule the sessions to best meet your needs.
  • Managing Technical Debt
  • Understanding Basic Code Smells
  • The Foundations of Refactoring
  • More Code Smells
  • Automated Refactoring
  • Refactoring Strategies
  • Microtesting
  • Understanding Test-Driven Development
  • Practicing Test-Driven Development
  • Faking & Mocking Part 1
  • Faking & Mocking Part 2
  • Putting It All Together
  • Workshop Conclusion

What Will You Learn?


Understand the steps involved during a typical test-driven session.


Drive the development of user stories via automated tests.


Increase development speed by writing automated tests first!


Identify poorly designed code by understanding code smells.


Learn automated refactoring techniques to safely improve the design of code.


Incrementally transform complex code into simple, readable, well-tested code.

Target Audience

Object-Oriented Programmers and Architects, and others who program.


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