Product Excellence Workshop

Product Excellence Workshop

Delighted customers. Delighted creators. How do you synthesize customer and stakeholder feedback, balance your portfolio and product roadmap, and reliably get work done? An excellent product person can craft an offering that will delight customers, cultivate a cohesive strategy from many inputs and ideas, and deliver valuable products sooner!

In this highly interactive workshop, you will utilize Modern Agile principles, design thinking, UX practices and lean concepts. Come experience the joy of product excellence and the profitability of making users awesome.

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Workshop Editions

Our completely online version of this workshop is chock full of interactive group exercises and online discussions. It takes place over 8, 2-hour gatherings online. We can customize the sessions and schedule them to best meet your needs.
  • Introduction to Product Driven Organizations (PDO).
  • Being Agile Mindset and Modern Agility
  • Product Team Alignment
  • Bridging Product Discovery and Delivery
  • Business Alignment Strategies
  • Managing your Product Portfolio
  • Design Thinking Techniques within Product Delivery
  • Market Segments, Users, and Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • User Story Mapping
  • Diverging and Converging on Experimentation
  • Hypotheses Driven Product Development
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • User Stories
  • Collaborative Specification
  • Key Product Attributes for Lifecycle Evolution
  • Types of Work and Product Delivery Optimization
  • Team Metrics - Capacity Use, Cycle Time, Systemic Impediments, Probabilistic Forecasting
  • Product Metrics - HEART, Pirate
  • Nonfunctional Requirements for Digital Age
  • Modern Web Design - Web Responsive Design, Mobile First.
  • Product Feasibility with Domain Driven Design
  • Mapping business benefits and customer impact
  • Quantifying business benefits
  • Introduction of Minimum Lovable Products
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) Strategies
  • Business Value Proposition
  • Product Canvas
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Product Positioning
  • Product Roadmapping, Milestone and Release planning

What Will You Learn?


Align business functions, become product driven, to make customers awesome


Balance discovery and delivery throughout the user journey and your end-to-end workflow


Hypothesis driven product development via focused experimentation and frequent feedback


Incorporate design thinking into your delivery process through Jobs to be Done and business outcomes


Plan for product ‘peace-of-mind’ by understanding the necessities of a technical distribution channel


Measure alignment to strategy with Product Delivery Metrics and identifying customer impact

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in product thinking.

Beginning to mid level in product practices.

Openness to experimentation.


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