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After the 2-day assessment, the Industrial Logic team laid out an Agile/XP transformation strategy. It included:

Creating an open workspace to foster team communication.

Scheduling an appropriate amount of training for a cross-functional team.

Executive and team coaching to make sure what was learned was applied.

Getting agreement to practice Evolutionary Design, even on legacy platforms.

The project coincided with the roll out of Industrial XP, which brought process and learning further into management. People now understood why they were building the software in the first place.

With Industrial XP, the team gained a modern way to develop software including storytest-driven development (now called behavior-driven development), domain-driven design, iteration and end-of-project retrospectives.

"The whole intent of (Industrial Logic) going back and forth during the 3-month period was not to develop for us, but to show us how to develop. That was critical because now we had coaches and mentors that knew how to do this (implement XP) themselves."Don Carlson